Monday, November 1, 2010

Screw Xmas, here's Halloween (part 2)

Do yourself a favour and check out this mighty cool Halloween tune!


  1. Did you have any good halloween viewings, Jack?

  2. Somehow I managed to screw up the day and only got around to watching one single movie! But if nothing else at least it was the ol' favourite RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD which I've loved ever since I saw it at the cinema many years ago. You watched the sequel, eh? I've only watched that one once when I got it on UK video back in the 90s and I DID not like it! But, hey, maybe it's time for a re-visit.

  3. That's not bad. Yeah, I saw part 2. You should see it again. I grew up with both, but I like Part 2 the most. it's more nostalgic for me.