Saturday, December 25, 2010

The complete "Tomb of Dracula" finally coming home

How cool is this! Zuzelo jnr with my pile of "Essential The Tomb of Dracula" volume 1-4 (reprinting every issue of "The Tomb of Dracula" from the early 1970s + crossovers). Argh! This is where the original Blade character stems from! This is Marv Wolfman/Gene Colan's awesome series which I used to read in its Danish translated editions (printed in 1974 and then again in the early 80s). But these reprints (most likely) smoke the old Danish ones; Original text, complete, black & white, uncut. Oh, and the fact that Gene Colan is one of my all time fave artists certainly cranks up the awesomeness volume a notch or ten. Thanks heaps to David (junior's daddy who incidentally does another "tomb") for this awesome (and certainly in my favour) deal! Dude, you're the best! You and Paul (Cooke) are both awesome and I'm happy to have gotten to know ya!

Bottom photo: Daddy Z


  1. Ah, these are great. I'm going to reread them in the new year. But beware... they might be complete, but they are not uncut:

    Marvel has come under criticism for censoring some of the Essential books, specifically the third and fourth volumes of Essential Tomb of Dracula, in which digital editing was used to remove or obscure nudity. Both volumes contain reprints of Dracula stories originally published by Marvel in magazine format, which allowed for them to include nudity in the artwork. This is from Wikipedia.

    It's a minor grudge - it's amazing to have a wonderful series like this in such a compact format.

  2. Argh! I forgot! Thanks for the info, Søren. David did actually mention that a couple of nipples had been "removed". But altho I despise censorship this is such a minor detail that I can live with it (I hope).

    I assume you bought yours a while back? Have you checked them on Amazon lately!? Vol. 1 is £50-90 on Amazon UK!!!

  3. Yes, I've bought them a while back in Fantask in Copenhagen. I have about half of the horror related Marvel Essential books. Not all of them are easy to find these days.

    Marvel has begun reprinting TOMB OF DRACULA again - this time in trade paperbacks with about 12 issues in each - and now in color.

  4. Really? I must admit I think they're better in b&w.