Sunday, January 23, 2011

The entire contents from the never published STAY SICK! #5 now online!

Danish readers might wanna jump over to the Danish language section of this blog as I've just posted around 70 (!!!) posts containing the (almost) entire contents from what was supposed to be issue number 5 of my zine STAY SICK! back in 2005!!! I published no. 0-4 from 1999 and thru to 2004 after which I kinda got stuck. I have no clue as to why but I guess the thing is it's a lot (A LOT!) of work putting out a magazine when you're doing it all DIY style, being the editor, publisher, distributor, mail-order guy, and what have you. So even tho I had about 3 tons of stuff laying around the bunker (both my own stuff and from other writers) I just couldn't get the damn thing finished. Anyway, here it is, not in print but online. Uhh, and by the way it's all written in bloody Danish so most of you can't read it, haha.
Enough babble, go here.

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