Sunday, February 13, 2011

Last House on the Left 3 Disc Ultimate Edition

I received this cool 3 disc DVD release of THE LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT from CDWOW in Hong Kong today. Altho I bought it from HK the release is from the UK and in fact this is the first ever uncut UK release of the film. Apart from it being a cool release it's also no less awesome that I paid £3.14 for the box including postage!!! That's about 5 dollars! Niiice.

Hmm, it reminds me... the house I grew up in thru out my entire childhood was actually... the last house on the left. My dad still lives there. He has tools. Saws. Chain... saws.O_O

Disc 1

* Feature Commentary by writer/director Wes Craven and Producer Sean S.Cunningham
* 2nd Feature Commentary by stars David Hess, Marc Sheffler and Fred Lincoln
* 'Celluloid Crime Of The Century' making of… documentary (40 mins)
* 'Scoring Last House…' featurette with David Hess 'Krug Conquers England' charting the theatrical tour of the first ever UNCUT screening of the film in the UK
* 20 mins of outtakes and dailies
* US theatrical trailer
* TV spots
* Radio spots

Disc 2

* 'Krug & Company': rare COMPLETE ALTERNATE CUT of the film
* EXCLUSIVE interview with Carl Daft of Exploited Films, who took the BBFC to courts over the film's banned status
* WORLD EXCLUSIVE never before seen footage only recently discovered.

Disc 3

* "Going To Pieces: The Rise & Fall Of The Slasher Film" feature length documentary on the 'slasher' film phenomenon that followed "Last House…"
* Filmmakers' commentary
* Deleted scenes
* Horror film quiz

The film is presented in anamorphic widescreen with English DD2.0 Stereo sound.