Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ol'e Drac gets a bathtub... I mean Bafta

He'll spit in your face if you mention Dracula to him but, hey, he's still the best Dracula there ever was in my opinion! DRACULA from 1931 may be the version every scholar agrees to is the "real" Dracula film but to me it's Hammer Horror's HORROR OF DRACULA (which actually, originally is also just called DRACULA in the UK). The other day he received the BAFTA prize for having made a lot of awesomely cool films for a real long time (altho they phrased it differently). I taped the show but haven't bothered to watch it yet but one segment I made sure to watch is Christopher Lee's speech and now by the wonders of YouTube you can all watch it. :D

PS: Please don't send hate-mail; Calling Lee Hammer studio's finest was just for the headline. Needless to say he's rivalled in every way by Peter Cushing but mentioning that would have made for a crappy headline!


  1. Even though Hammer's DRACULA is not as faithful an adaptation of Stoker's novel as most of the other versions, I dunno, it manages to capture "the feel" of the novel the best to me. Hard to explain, but it and Herzog's Nosferatu are my two fave Dracula movies.

    The word BAFTA makes me feel dirty. I makes me feel dirty because it reminds me of years ago when I was watching a ceremony of it and Emma Watson was onstage and the feelings...Oh the feelings...

  2. Ja, du bliver altså nødt til at anskaffe Herzog's fremragende og stærkt ubehagelige version, inden du udsiger den endelige dom over Dracula.

  3. I quite like the old Bela Lugosi version as well (and the Spanish language version too). The original NOSFERATU is also great, Max Schreck is a very nasty vampire. And you're both right Herzog's version is one of the best too. I have the double disc that contains both the German and English versions. But on a deserted island where I can only bring one Dracula movie? HORROR OF DRACULA!

    Does Emma Watson still make movies? I haven't seen anything she's been in for at least 10 years. LOL.

  4. The last Harry Potter still isn't out, but I'm more of a Bonnie Wright fetishist myself.