Sunday, February 20, 2011

Satanic Crystals (Hong Kong, 1989)

SATANIC CRYSTALS!!! I've known about this movie for yrs but it wasn't till tonight I finally got to see it. "Wild" is probably the best way to describe it. Action galore and too many gory shoot-outs to mention (almost John Woo territory here, altho less stylistic, of course). The plot was... well, it was probably well detailed but it seems the director dropped 10-12 pages in the river, haha.

The print was half letterboxed, looked like a vhs, and the English dub was muffled. I checked the German dub and the sound was way better. Some of the dialogue was completely different, LMAO. The extras were a trailer for the film + a trailer for the Joseph Lai butchered version of CANNIBAL MERCENARY (which I spit on! [the Joseph Lai version that is, not the original film cos that fucken rules!!]).


  1. When Hong Kong movies from the 80's were worried about plot or script????
    If movies from big production companies never paid too much attention to those "details" can ask Tomas Tang's Filmark to do it???

    The non-plots were another element that made these movies more...specials...yes, specials is the word!

  2. Haha, I think you've seen too many cut & paste movies, Jesus Manuel! The "no plot" has become the norm to you, haha.

    But no plot (or confusing as hell plots) weren't the standard for all HK films. Most of the classics like the old John Woo movies, the "A Chinese Ghost Story" movies, "Peking Opera Blues", etc. do actually all have well written plots.

    But like I said, I enjoyed the film a lot even without a plot that made any sense. :D

  3. I meant the HK productions from indepedent companies. just check some of the movies distributed by Golden Harvest at the beggining of the 80's ( those movies are on DVD by Joysales) such as Ironside 826 & similars & the plots are quite hard to follow.

    Of course, movies from people like Tsui Hark, Ringo Lam & the new wave from HK paid more attention to scripts than action...but 99% of kung fu movie scrips could be resume in a sheet of paper. That's what I meant...what was the plot of Death duel of kung fu or 7 grandmasters? just to mention two very good examples of gorgeous movies with no plot at all.