Friday, March 4, 2011

From now on it's the crappy ordinary mail-service for me all the way!!!

Arghhh! For fuck's sake! I've been home all day cos I've been expecting a parcel from some stupid courier company. They said they'd be here between 8 AM and 4 PM and they never showed up. So I ring them and they go: "Our driver was there at 1 o'clock!" Whaaat!! I've been home all day and now I'm not even getting my parcel!! I live in a tiny flat with a loud door bell and NO backyard. There's no fucken way in Hell I wouldn't have heard the door bell!!! I'm pretty sure it's my tapes from a collector in Holland. The stupid fucks won't even deliver it again so either I pay tons of money and go all the way to fucking Copenhagen to pick it up or they return the parcel. Shit, fuck, cunt!!! The douchebag driver probably rang the wrong fucken door (I live on the third floor). Where is my gun, where is my roof!!! .\_/.

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