Friday, March 18, 2011

Jack Jensen, the Philippines and the heroes of the Web

Recognition is nice! xD Being called a "true hero" by a blog in Italy that I've never even heard of is even nicer!! In fact it's totally multo bene!! I've just discovered that EVIL MONKEY blog wrote a piece about my other blog When the Vietnam War Raged... in the Philippines and said that I'm the greatest gift to women everywhere and that you people should all worship me (or something to that effect).

The blog is in Italian and since most of my Italian is mob speak that I picked up from watching the Sopranos I'm afraid we'll have to rely on a translation by our good friends at Google Translate. If your own Italian is better you can read the original text here. Un grande grazie goes out to whoever does Evil Monkey! Much appreciated! xD.

Jack Jensen, the Philippines and the heroes of the Web 2.0

While most of the managers of the blog can not help but take advantage of every sad & trite trick to attract some new readers there are those who makes a boast of the niche. Can you think of something more sector of the Philippine war-movie (with some transfer to the ninja-movie ever Filipino)? I doubt it. And when was the last time you read a disclaimer like the one below?

Some readers write and ask were they can download the films on this blog. I'm afraid I can't help you. Most of these films are old video tapes that I've spent months (and sometimes years) on tracking down. I'm simply not interested in downloading movies. I want to own real releases. On a rare occasion I might swap a dvd-r with someone (or nice readers send me dvd-r's for free) but I don't download and I don't know where you can do that. Sorry.

Jack Jensen is a true hero. Research and dissemination passionate (very useful update on its auction eBay ), but above the sole manager of which is the pearl of 2.0 When the Vietnam War raged ... in the Philippines . Because if you download the latest remake U.S. are capable of all, I want to see how many are able to trace the Greek VHS Cobra Thunderbolt .

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