Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Witch With Flying Head (Taiwan, 1982)

[Tai Seng VHS, USA]

[click scan for bigger size]

This must undoubtedly be one of the most rare Asian films and video tapes!

WITCH WITH FLYING HEAD isn't available ANYWHERE!!! There are no DVDs, no video-cd's, no laserdiscs, nothing but the faint memory of some very few long lost video releases. This is actually the only release that I'm aware of but a few years back I got some third hand hearsay info that there might have been a Vietnamese video release at some point. In any case, none of them had English subtitles I don't think and I'm not aware of any fan subbed versions.

And before you ask: No, I don't own this tape. I would sure love to! The scan comes courtesy of Jean-Claude Michel from Cinehound forum. And he doesn't own it either but was lucky to get a friend who owned it to make him a scan just before he himself sold it off again. Who knows where in the world this copy is now!? A while back I asked Pete Tombs of Mondo Macabro if this where a film they would consider for release and he said they'd love to but they couldn't find neither a print nor the copyright owners!!! O_O

So for now I'm certainly holding on to my dvd-r bootleg that looks like it was sourced from a 3'rd or 4'th generation video tape.

The film's entry on Hong Kong Movie Data Base.


  1. Nice one, Jack! Incidentally, I've got a few articles about equally obscure Asian horror movies that I'd love to track down. You ever heard of DEVIL CROWS or this weird one called THE BIRTH GODDESS to name two? The latter has images that reminds me of the FLYING HEAD thing.

  2. Thanks, and I'm afraid I've never heard of those two. :(

  3. I was able to surmise the DEVIL CROWS title as the article is not translated at all save for a brief description about a village tormented by flesh eating crows that apparently turn people into zombies!

  4. Obviously I'd already love to see that one!!!

  5. Hi, just found out the director had another film

    Any info about it? Is it better or worst compare to flying head! Thanks! Great Blog1

  6. Hey there, unknown,
    No, I have no info on that film! I don't even know what it is. My google translator calls it "read the evil dragon" but what its English title is is anybody's guess. Thanks for that link and thanks for your kind words on the blog.

    Btw, are you making a bid for it?

  7. I own this tape! I found a guy on craigslist that had like 40 vhs, 200 vcds and about 50 dvds for anly $20 and this tape was in the lot! Im super happy to own and I didnt even know what I had until a few months later when I posted it on Facebook.

  8. My gawd! That's so awesome, Mike!!! 20 bucks for that tape, let alone the whole lot is... insane. Wauw. Just, wauw!

    After I wrote this post I found out there is a Taiwan VHS as well that even has ENGLISH subs. It's been on eBay one time and (as far as I know) one time only. Needless to say I lost out on it but the seller sold me a dvd-r off the tape so that was cool (the seller was Toby Russell btw).

    Thanks for your comment, mate. :D

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  10. I'll shoot you en email one of these days. I'll delete your post so you don't get your account too full of spam (altho it's kinda unavoidable once you've had it online just one fraction of a second. Argh!).