Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alan Tang R.I.P.

Unfortunately Alan Tang has died. :-(

I first saw him as one of the two "brothers" in FLAMING BROTHERS opposite Chow Yun Fat many years ago on a shoddy VHS dupe without subtitles. It was one of the first HK films to be reviewed in "In the Flesh" fanzine (from the UK). He was in tons of films and produced even more. He made films already back in the 60s but the ones I'm most familiar with are the later ones from the 80s. Last year I bought the MADE IN HK video tape of FLAMING and the re-released HK dvd too. Not so much just because of him but simply because this is a cool heroic bloodshed film - but at the same time he was someone who made an impression! And now he's gone at the way too young age of 64. RIP, Alan.

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  1. I am saddened to learn of this. Alan Tang was indeed a Great screen actor who transcended several decades of movies. He shall be sadly missed, but forever remembered.
    Thank you for letting us know Jack & for giving Alan a suitable note of respectful acknowledgement.
    I have both Flaming Brothers & The Black Panther Warriors that I have not gotten around to watching, I shall remedy that soon in Alan's memory. Rest in peace.