Thursday, April 28, 2011

[insert Homer Simpson drool here]


I can't tell you how long I've been searching for these tapes... but it's been a real long time! It's the Danish SUPER EASTERN SERIEN series from Video International in Denmark! I remember I saw one of them when I used to frequent the "Videoudlejningen" video rental store in Copenhagen which is easily 6 or 7 years back, maybe even 8! The SUPER EASTERN SERIEN series contains 8 titles so there are still two I haven't got but at least I'll be getting 5 new ones! And they seem to be in awesome quality. xD. The only tape of the 8 I've been able to track down previously is GHOSTLY FACE. The seller only wanted to part with all 6 tapes as one bundle so either I made a bid for all of them or none at all. But anyhoo, who cares. Happy happy joy joy, as Fred Anderson says. :D

I also won this little thingy tonight...

Amando de Ossorio's HYDRA, MONSTER FROM THE DEEP on ex-rental VHS from Australia. Word is the film is crap - but the cover is fantastic and it is of course made by the guy who did the BLIND DEAD films so obviously I had to have it. I was the only bidder! Whoo-hoo!!


  1. Wow Jack, those Kung Fu Original Tapes look lovely. Definitely Homer Simpson Drool. A real slobberknocker as Jim Ross from the WWE would say & his Homer Simpson sauce would top it all !!!!

  2. Haha, yeah I'm looking forward to them.

    Are all 6 films great? I have no idea but GHOSLY FACE is great and I've wanted these for a long time simply for the covers so this is cool!

  3. Wow was that Hydra tape shipping from Australia? If so it totally passed me by!

  4. LOL. It's an Aussie tape alright but I won it at an auction on Cinehound forum. The seller is in Sweden.