Saturday, April 23, 2011

Japanese in the mail

In the mail this morning: AKIRA!!! On blu-ray you ask? Nope!!! The double mammoth vhs case from the UK that I couldn't afford in '93. I found a seller with a brand new copy on Amazon UK. "Fuck it", I thought, I wanna finally scratch off that tape from my early 1990s wants-list!!! Muhahahahahaha...

Tape #1 contains the film itself, fully letterboxed, in Japanese w/English subs. Tape #2 is a 50 min production report. I'm not a manga geek so I have no idea if that one has even been released on dvd (but it probably has).

Btw, I've recently discovered that there's no less than three different English dubs! Imagine that. Why bother with any dubs!? Watch the damn film the way it was meant to, in Japanese. :D


  1. While this is awesome, the Blu-ray is indeed astonishing. It's one of the few BD's that has an 192khz/24-bit audio track, which means it sounds beyond incredible. ;)

  2. Needless to say, this cool box has to do with collecting, as you know I'm definitely not someone who would reject better versions on newer formats. And this is a film I'd definitely love to see in the best possible version so I'd love to see that Blu-ray some day. :D