Friday, April 29, 2011

Messy mess

No, this isn't from a book store as Resonator Chris so kindly asked. It's from my lounge room! And yes it's a bloody mess. I've got too much stuff and so last week I got some more book cases to put it all on (or some of it anyway) but instead of making room for the new cases I decided to just put them in the middle of the apartment! No, I probably didn't think it thru properly. Then the idea was to load stuff onto them and in the end get the rest of my mess sorted out as well after which hopefully I'll be able to move it all to where ever I want it (preferably not in the middle of the fucking room!). Argh. Sorry the lousy mobile phone pix, I couldn't find my camera (obviously). I've got the camera now but I still haven't located the fucking cord to connect it to the computer and upload pix! And this isn't even all, I've still got a new couch sitting at my dad's place + some more cd jungle men and a new big TV set. This needs true organisation and it's probably gonna be like a cave here when I'm done. Oh, did I mention the 3 big removal boxes I've got sitting with ex-rental tapes + one double size huge (as in fucking huge) box full of more tapes - and I still need room for that as well. Argh. But I'm so not gonna do like my silly cousin and put any of it in the basement. He put most of his huge comic book collection in his basement room (he lived in an apartment building) and some derelict kids started nicking them. After the first ones disappeared I said to him: "Why don't you move them into your flat?" to which the dumb bastard replied: "I've got a new lock for the basement door now". Well, you know what happened don't you? Yeah. Later he didn't pay his rent for months on end, the cops came around but at that time he'd flown the coop and disappeared for a good number of years. And he even had one of my books! >_<


  1. Arr man, every day I'm like "tidy up this shit, monkey! I'm not your mother or something!" But you know what he does, yeah, not very polite!! >_<


  2. Jack, just sent a message on your behalf to Sandy & Piggsy. They are making a special trip now to help sort things out with Monkey ;) .

  3. Thanks! I could use their help with that nasty monkey. I'm sure he's related to the ratmonkey.


  4. I wonder where that cord has gone?

    You did love it sooooo. You looked after it like a son.

    And it went wherever I did gooo...

    Is it in the cupboard? Wouldn't you like to know?
    It was a lovely little cord.

    And it went wherever I did gooo...

    Where can that cord be?
    It is a most elusive cord.

    And it went wherever I did gooo...

    Oooooh cordie cordie cordie cord!

    A cord a cord a cord a cordie oooh!

    Oooooooh! Cordie cordie cordie cord!

    That went wherever I did gooo...

  5. I have a feeling you're not taking me seriously, Nicolai. >_<

  6. It's behind the sofa!

    Have you thought of the drawers in the bureau?!

    Look up his trunk!

    Yeah, look in his trousers!

  7. Look in his trousers? Whose trousers? The monkey's? He isn't wearing any (altho he ought to, dirty monkey!) >_<

  8. It's in his tail!

    Either that or the monkey 'bone'.