Friday, April 8, 2011

The original HEADBANGERS BALL - revisited!!!

Ahh, happy days! I miss the old Headbangers Ball! (from UK/Euro MTV*). Back in the day I don't think I watched one single episode without thinking Vanessa Warwick was embarrassing but in retrospect she was actually pretty cool (and she was on MTV and I wasn't so who's the real douche here, eh. LOL). This clip contains two segments with SLAYER. I actually remember watching the first one but I have no memory of the second one. I wish someone had full episodes and would upload them somewhere.

- an old intro fra '93:

*from before MTV decided that every little shit country should have their own version. What the fuck do we need a Danish MTV for!? Gimme back the original UK/Euro version!


  1. Yeah! I remember them days... vaguely, but I do occasionally miss sunday nights with Headbangersball and was it wednesdays with Marcel's 120 Minutes... that was the shit!

    Bring back the past!

  2. Fuck I miss that old intro with you eatin' Pizza Jack too.


  3. I'm still stuffing my face with those pizzas. T-shirt the same too.

    "120 minutes", ahhh, where are you now, my friend!! Yep, those were the days (and mine were less drunken than yours apparently).

  4. 'What the fuck do we need a Danish MTV for!? Gimme back the original UK/Euro version!'
    Hear! Hear!

    Although I don't watch MTV anymore... haven't since the glory days of Ray Cokes & 'MTV Most Wanted'.

  5. I hear ya! In the words of Dire Straits gimme back my MTV!!!

    Btw, I was on Ray Cokes' "Most Wanted"! Yeah!!! Stick den hvis du can!! Well, not that I was actually ON the show but I requested a song and he played it. I taped it but I don't even know if I still have the tape. The video I asked for was "Jerry Was a Race Car Driver" by Primus!!

  6. Lucky bastard... ;)

    I wonder what has become of the lovely Nina.

  7. Yeah, Ray pretended to doze off cos my letter was too long. LOL.

    Naughty Nina!! I'd forgotten all about her! I have no idea what she does today. IMDb doesn't give any answers. Davina McCall on the other hand has become a bit of a celeb in her own rights in the UK. Just do a Google and you'll see.

  8. 'Yeah, Ray pretended to doze off cos my letter was too long. LOL.'

    Ha, that is so cool! I probably watched it back then but did you record it?

    I only vaguely remember Davina but with regards to Nina I'm quite certain she is Danish (although IMDB states she was born in Uganda) because I remember Ray often commented on her nationality.

    By the way I stumbled upon Rays blog from 2010:
    Such a sad story...

  9. Thanks for the link. Hmm, why do people in Ireland say "tanks"? Hmmm. But anyhoo, you're right it's a sad story. He OUGHT to be on television! And he's right; TV of today is the pits. I wish a channel would rerun all his old MTV shows (and 120 min. too, and Headbangers Ball).

    Yes, I taped the show but I have no idea where the tape is. Somewhere in the piles. :-/