Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a difference!

My gawd! I've just received the DVD (Cannibals: Legend or Realism) that I ordered on Monday from the Czech Republic!! It's Saturday today! How awesome is that!! The last time I ordered a DVD from the Czech Rep. (The Jail) it took 2 months to get here! O_O And the first time I ordered from said republic (Zombie: The Beginning, Island of the Dead, Deep Blood) it also took a very long time and I had to deal with bank transfer and writing personal letters to the company. Wauw, this is such a difference. For future purchases I'm definitely going to check with these people first to see if they've got what I'm looking for. Oh, and did I mention that out of the three eShops they are the only one that accepts PayPal! So much better than annoying bank transfers or credit-card payment that you're never really sure is secure or not.



  1. Jack, can you share the link to this company please ?.

  2. Sure, no problem. Here's a direct link to the Mattei DVD:

    I should warn you though; I've just discovered that the disc only has Czech dubbing. And also, my previous info about the film also being released on reg. 1 DVD may or may not be correct. I still believe it's correct but other individuals on various sites claim it's a different Mattei film from 1975. I think they're in the wrong but in any case if they happen to be right this Czech dubbed print is all we'll have. :/

    We'll find out for sure soon though. I'm aware David Z has ordered the reg. 1 DVD. :D

  3. G'day Jack.

    I've ordered region 1 disc. It seems same as I already own Japanese region 2 title called Cannibal Holocaust 2.It really disappointment.
    Anyway, hopefully arrival soon, and let you know when it takes.

  4. G'day mate,

    No, "Cannibal Holocaust 2" is a different film which is really called CANNIBAL WORLD (aka "Cannibal Holocaust: The Beginning").

  5. Oh really! So hopefully correct what I am looking for. It has been shipped few days ago, but it takes couple of weeks I think. I'll let you know when it arrivals. Cheers mate!