Monday, May 2, 2011

Best ever Smiths on a Monday

This live recording is awesome! I'm fortunate enough to have the whole show (taped years ago from Swedish TV).

YouTube comment:
"30 years ago teenagers had music like this to grow up with. I'm growing up listening to music like Rebecca Black - Friday. FOR FUCKS SAKE"


  1. Oi!
    Two things you knob!

    1. You may have taped it from Swedish tv, but it's the old Brit institution THE OLD GREY WHISTLE TEST.

    2. Not to many people know that I'm actually Morrissey.

    Stay cool and dont' eat meat!


  2. Hey Nob, eh, Noz, Moz. Thanks for the info! I taped it from Musikbyrån they had a special on The Smiths some years back. I thiink they broadcast the full show.

    I'll devour a chicken in your honour. Cheers.