Saturday, May 28, 2011

Can you feel my death/destruction/kill brain rays hitting you, Blogger???

In the words of Kelis: "Blogger I hate you so much right now"!!! >_<

All day yesterday, all night, and today I haven't been able to log into my blogs. I tried numerous times to log in, I changed my password from "bite me" to "smell this", and I scoured the Blooger help-page: Nothing helped!!! And all I found on the help-page was a quickly written note from four days ago saying they knew of the problem and were working on it. Since then nothing. Four days. Nothing. I finally find the answer on a blog by a coupla chicks... in MALAYSIA!!! Why oh why haven't Blogger been able to figure out this problem in four days!!! Arrgh. Apparently the problem is FIREFOX!! I switched to Explorer and could log in right away. Blogger, I hate you so much right now - and a big thank you goes out to the Malay chicks.

NB: the t-shirt girl is only here to ease up the angry atmos in this post. I feel like the dog in David Lynch's old cartoon "The Angriest Dog in the World"; approaching the state of rigor mortis out of anger and tension.


  1. I've been having problems, too that I noticed yesterday. Two of the gadgets aren't working--the followers function and the list of the current ten posts isn't working either. This morning I noticed that somehow a handful of pictures I had taken off (blog award images) had magically been posted somehow as well as a 'powered by blogger' gadget that I didn't add. Weird.

  2. It's so annoying! This very minute I tried to open with Firefox again but I still can't log in. >_<

  3. Jamen, så tror jeg, jeg bliver på WordPress.

  4. Det' nok ikke nogen dårlig idé. :-/

    Det er midt sagt lettere irriterende at skulle skifte til Explorer, hver gang jeg skal poste på bloggen. Jeg kan end ikke aflægge kommentarer på andre folks Blogspot-blogge! >_<

  5. Jeg bruger Explorer, men WordPress har netop meddelt, den er for gammel, hvilket besværliggør arbejde med menuerne.

    Der er aldrig en dag uden problemer, når man blogger.

  6. Jah, det er lissom den der gamle sang, "Problemer kan man altid finde". :/