Thursday, May 5, 2011

Castle of the Living Dead on spiffy French dvd. Yay!

I've just received the new French release of CASTLE OF THE LIVING DEAD (aka Le Chateau des Morts Vivants, 1964) today. And yes, it's English friendly. It's directed by Luciano Ricci & Lorenzo Sabatini, and Christopher Lee is in it. I must confess I wasn't even aware of the film before I discovered this release but apparently it's been quite difficult to get hold of previously. It's out from Artus Films and you can order it via their site. 13 Euros + 8 Euros postage (for world, cheaper if you're in France obviously).

LE CHATEAU DES MORTS-VIVANTS - trailer by apparitor


  1. Nifty! Thanks, I never would have heard of this one.

  2. This is very good news. It's a real oddity of a film. Michael Reeves was (supposedly) co-director, it's the debut of Donald Sutherland (in two different roles, no less) and the whole thing runs like a mashup of "Dracula", "The House of Wax" and "The Seventh Seal". Previously only available on (fullscreen, zoomed in) bootleg.

  3. Henrik, hvis du bestiller dvd'en fra det site, så kommer du nok til at sende dem en email og betale direkte via PayPal. Af en eller anden grund står Danmark ikke på listen over lande! Jeg prøvede at skive min adresse og klikke på Sverige, men den gik ikke. LOL.

    Men du kan jo checke, om de har fået det rettet.