Sunday, May 29, 2011

So you're happy with your *uncut* DVD release of BURIAL GROUND, eh?

LE NOTTI DEL TERRORE (Andrea Bianchi, Italy, 1981)
aka The Nights of Terror / Zombie - nattens terror / Zombie 3

Well, that's nice. I'm so happy for you. Keep living in your little fantasy world of fairies, goblins and imaginary superior dvd releases. Hahaha.

The scan here is the Japanese VHS (which Yours Truly won on eBay last night!) and it's the ONLY uncut version of the film! No, your new disc from AWE/Njuta Films isn't uncut either! The missing footage practically renders the film's story-line incomprehensible without it! Watching the uncut version is apparently like watching a completely different movie! So what's this most important missing footage you ask; Well, I'll tell ya what it is, it's a most important four second head crush scene, that's what!!! O_O

Why would they cut out a head crush scene from a gory zombie movie? I have no idea! Very weird indeed but the matter of the fact is that this scene is supposedly missing from all VHS and DVD versions except for the Japanese VHS. Obviously, I haven't watched each and every version myself (only the Danish and the Aussie DVDs) but I've asked BURIAL GROUND fanatic Joachim Andersson (we're talking Jim Jones cult level fanaticism here!) and other hardcore fans and they all confirm that the Japanese tape is the only truly uncut version. It's also mentioned on the IMDb (but of course that's not a guarantee of anything as the bloody IMDb is a piece of shit when it comes to reliable info in my opinion). Anyhoo, I'll be getting this awesome Japanese tape soon so that's just AB FAB. I'm sure you're green with envy, eh. xD

Nb: Altho the Japanese video title is "Zombie 3" the movie shouldn't be confused with Lucio Fulci/Bruno Mattei's ZOMBI 3.


  1. "Jim Jones cult level fanaticism here"

    lol, yeah that sounds like Jocke!

    When we watched B.G. in the cinema at work, I swear he had tears in his eyes, and was mouthing the dialogue to the entire movie.


    Enjoy your four seconds Jack.

  2. Hahaha, I'm not even considering this to be a joke but that he actually did it!! LMAO.

    Thanks. I shall watch them over and over again while I pity you peasants who sit out there with your truncated DVD versions.
    [insert hellish laughter sound bite]

  3. I feel like less a man right now. That is awesome--I had no idea. Now, was this ever released on Japanese LD?

  4. That's it. I cannot let you hog all the glory, I'll dig out one of the tapes ANY WAY POSSIBLE! No expenses spared.

  5. All I can say is a real man would own BURIAL GROUND! lmao.

    A LD: Sorry, I don't know. I've never heard of one.

    Some guy in Sweden had the tape for sale on Cinehound recently but I don't think he sold it (at least he didn't mention it in the thread which would have been normal procedure). If you want I can ask him and get you his email (unless you wanna sign up but that's gonna take a couple of days as the process at Cinehound is so slow as we check peoples' ID and past history and all before we okay them, haha). Check the thread here (and don't take notice of the member confusing the film with Zombi 3!).

  6. If memory serves, the missing footage isn't a "head crush" but simply a few seconds of a zombie turning around in the mansion. No gore, no dialogue, no nothin'.

    I have the Japanese TCC tape, and if anyone wants to buy it from me I'm more than happy to sell it!

  7. Someone on the Swedish forum Skräckfilm mentioned it was what he described as a "skull crush" scene so it'll be interesting to see which of you remembers it correctly. LOL.

  8. The anomaly was originally noticed by the guy who did the comparisons for Midnight Video's site; I can't remember his name offhand. If you can find that list archived somewhere it should provide all the specifics.

  9. Thanks, Bruce. I didn't discover Midnite Video's site until after their cut vs. uncut section was gone. Anyway, I'll hopefully get my tape soon and try and spot the four seconds. LOL.

  10. Mattias Karlsson is one of the least trustworthy "collectors" I know, seriosly. That man is... special ;)