Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tales From the Quadead Zone - get it why don't you!

I've written about Chester Turner's two movies BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL and TALES FROM THE QUADEAD ZONE a couple of times before in connection with a BLACK DEVIL DOLL eBay auction and the upcoming DVD release (which is totally delayed but I hear it's still on its way - just very, very slowly!). Anyhoo, if you can't wait for the DVD now is your chance to become the happy owner of an original THE QUADEAD ZONE video tape!!! Yeps, the original, very rare VHS is on eBay right now and for another day or so. While I'm writing this there's been 34 bids so far and the latest bid is 650 dollars!!! For the auction go here. For links to cool reviews of the two films and where to get boots from (and I don't mean Dr. Martins) check my old posts.

EDIT: The final bid came to $660.

NB: All this talk about eBay auctions makes me think of crazy Norwegian bearded man Patrick who left us many moons ago for rehab. I certainly hope you're doing well out there somewhere, buddy. Maybe one day you'll let us in on what the fuck happened to you.


  1. Wow, that's another Crazy ass'd Ebay price for a VHS.
    Let's hope Patrick still frequents this mighty abode of yours Jack. Is it possible he eloped with his Wolf Devil Woman & is living off residual Ebay earnings from its rarity !? :) .

  2. "Mighty abode", LOLZ. Thanks!!

    In reg. to Patrick: Oh I'm sure he's looking in from time to time but he has his reasons for not being active as a Cyberspace astronaut anymore. Real life stuff I guess (and I'm sure he's using that WDW vhs as a pillow!).

  3. I purchased a vhs copy For ten cents at buzos Video in huntington park california and sold it at For $661.00

  4. Wauw, that's pretty cool! Congrats on that. :D