Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Dark leather, dark shades, coloured plastic trash... and Nico

I watched this cool three part documentary on Andy Warhol and the people who orbited around him during the Factory period in the '60s. It's a pretty good documentary. There's also a 100 minute (director's cut) cinema edit which I haven't seen but I would assume it loses too much of the interviews and stuff (the TV version runs around 150 minutes). At the moment the same TV channel (DR K/Denmark) is showing another three parter; this one about Woodstock and it's weird to think these two extremely different kinds of attitudes/people/music existed around the same time. Some of the hippie music like Jimi Hendrix is cool but I'm definitely more of a Velvet Underground person. LOL. I dvdr'ed the sehttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifries from telly which was a good thing cos the scheduled reg. 1 2-disc release was cancelled (but there's an Aussie DVD available on Amazon US & UK). The director's cut had a limited cinema release and is also on DVD but (apparently) only available directly from the producer. You can order it here and there's a shit load of info and interviews on that page as well.

NB: I looked up shades (i.e. sunglasses) on Wiki and who else but the pope of trash would pop up. LOL.


  1. Har du læst Please Kill Me?
    Enormt interessant og underholdene bog med et langt afsnit om VU. Derudover er der også sladder og historier om Ramones, Iggy Pop, Sex Pistols, Patti Smith etc.

  2. Hej, øh, glade ansigt!

    Nej, desværre har jeg ikke læst den. Helt åbenlyst en fejl, som jeg vil se at få rettet op på. Tak for tippet!