Sunday, July 10, 2011

We're squattin' in multo un-cool times! - PART 2

I remember a time... [said in a voice like the old narrator at the beginning of MAD MAX]... when you could actually buy... wait... what's going on here! Major deja-vu, haha. But actually the situation is the same, the only difference is this post is about Pioneer DVD-recorders, not video players. When I bought my first DVD-recorder about 5 years ago I bought a Panasonic and stupid me forgot to check if it could copy from NTSC video tapes. And it turned out it couldn't. My friend Henrik Larsen had a Pioneer which copied NTSC tapes without any problems so for the past years I've wanted a Pioneer DVD-recorder. Obviously. Not long ago the old Panasonic began to die a slow death and I decided to buy a Pioneer. Only to discover the dick-heads at Pioneer stopped making the bloody things several years ago!!! >_<
I found out Panasonic are still making them and their new ones can probably copy from NTSC but for five years I've had my mind set for a Pioneer and by jove I want a Pioneer!!! So for a wee bit I've been checking German eBay for a good player and a couple of days ago I found two; a really good model, and an even better model. And being the reckless and wild rockabilly teen that I am I placed bids for both of them!! Tonight I won the better one of the two. Whoo-hoo!!! (and fortunately someone else outbid me on the other one, LOL). The model I'll be getting is a Pioneer DVR-LX61D 250GB HDD/DVD Recorder.

Now, where can I get a mint Betamax player? LMAO (I want the one that was only produced for retail in the Middle East!! As the only model in the world it plays ALL Betamax formats; PAL, NTSC, SECAM, and apparently the variations of those!).


  1. Definitely an attractive unit. What's the specs on the VHS side, 6-head I assume? Made in Japan?

  2. Congratulations on your purchase Jack!

    Happy viewing


  3. @Charlie_G, thanks mate!!

    @Simon, the VHS side? o_O
    Do you mean it's a combo or are you referring to my other post about my new VCR? I'm pretty sure the DVD recorder isn't a DVD/VHS combo.

    The JVC video I bought is a really good model. Some German mag called "Video" called it "Product of the year" in 2000, so I hope it's a good one. But no, it doesn't have 6 heads, only four. The thing is, for quite some time I've been trying to find the last model that JVC produced but so far I haven't had any luck. My old recorder is dying and I didn't want to find myself without a proper & working VCR so I bought the best one I could find right now. I.e. this one. I'll keep looking for the last model.

    Here's the specs (translated from German via Google):

    4 heads with excellent picture and sound quality
    99-Channel Frequency Synthesised Tuner with Hyper band
    Audio Dub (Nachvertonungsmöglichkeit)
    Car Kit, all menu settings on image Scherm
    BEST recording and playback system
    Digital Time Base Corrector / Noise Reduction
    HiFi stereo frequency response: 20-20,000 Hz
    VHS Hi-fi stereo sound with NICAM/A2
    Integrated computer interface
    Jog shuttle control
    TV Link
    VPS / PDC / Show View

  4. Oh sorry mate I misread, thought it was a combo recorder! I had a Panasonic one with DVD on the left and VHS on the right, didn't do a bad job!