Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Abandoned - trailer

I watched the American horror movie THE ABANDONED quite a few years ago; It was around 2007 and I had the pleasure of watching it on eXtase editor (and Doomed Denmark promoter) Nils Markvardsen's big projector screen during a video night at his abode in Copenhagen. The film is really good. I haven't re-watched it since that initial screening so I'm definitely looking forward to it (which makes it a good thing I received it on DVD today, LOL). It was part of the first season of "8 Films to die for".


  1. I remember some dick saying that this movie was a mixture of lucio fulci and andrey tarkovsky...

    just beacuse it's a zombie don't make it fulci, and just because a movie with russian dialouge (albeit breif) and shots of billowing fields makes it a tarkovsky flick now does it moron.

    just look at the goddamed cast! Cerda, Hussain, and bloody Richard Stanley wrote this puppy!

    Brilliant movie. Great performance. Creepy as Fuck.


  2. I probably spend way too much time on Facebook: I'm looking for the button to "like" your comment! LMAO.