Sunday, September 18, 2011

Everything has its time...

... and sometimes it's time to move on. It seems people are more interested in straight horror blogs these days. And that's cool. But if you are a narcissistic self-confessed pop-culture blog-preacher whose stuff mainly consists of either spewing out surreal ramblings about forgotten shit - or yourself - then maybe you should consider if it's time to take your bible and cross and move someplace else. And quite frankly ... it's time to move someplace else.

I have one more review to post in a wee bit (the Aussie zombie movie AXED) and that'll be it. Thanks for being there. It meant the world. Bye.


  1. so what the hell am I gonna read on the mornings then? I can't just read the common poxyboys now can I.
    Or like my rehab friends said:

    "You fucking quitter!"



  2. Ah, that's crap man... :/ But as long your other blogs are alive and well I hope? Need my daily "jack-off".

  3. Vi er altså nogle stykker, der er interesserede i andet en horror. Hvor skal vi nu gå hen??

  4. Thanks fellas!!! I've done my rumspringa now and the old night-flyer is back to go under the radar once again. SPREAD DA WURD!!

  5. Are ya leaving us now are ya matey ?? What made ya chuck in the towel ?? Are ya havin' some sort of mid-life crisis or what ??

    Toodles from Noodles

  6. Mid-life crisis?? Hardly! Hahaha.

    I was gone for like two seconds! You need to check my NEWEST post, mate! The "I'M BACK post"!!