Sunday, September 25, 2011

It was a goood Friday!

In addition to the films in my last post I also received these flicks:

This is the Mexican horror movie ALUCARDA (or in Turkish: Alucarda Seytanin Kizi) which I already have on a spiffy DVD from Mondo Macabro but I really love the film and couldn't let the chance to get this Turkish video release pass me by. It's bloody Betamax even!!

This is the Turkish movie ASKIN KANUNU which is directed by legendary cult director Cetin Inanc (who did tons of cool movies like LAST WARRIOR, DEATH WARRIOR and not least TURKISH STAR WARS). I thought I'd include the original cool poster as the cover for the video-cd is atrociously bad.

Woo-hoo! I finally got hold of the DVD re-release of the original VHS release of THE CHARLES BUKOWSKI TAPES. The DVD is listed on eBay all the time but even so it took me months to get hold of a copy. The one seller who had it listed simply wouldn't ship outside of the US. Go figure. >_<
Anyhoo, the 2-disc release looks great and it's got a 36 page booklet included with interview and shit. :D

And finally, this rare Danish BLACK COBRA 2 VHS arrived a few days earlier (courtesy of Mr Mads Jensen og tak for det):


  1. Congrats! I'd love to have alucarda on VHS. I also have the Mondo DVD.

  2. Hola Cristian!

    Yeah, I was pretty happy to find it and I grabbed it right away! xD
    (it's not VHS tho but Betamax).

  3. Also, Alex Vitale was in BC2? That dude to the right of Fred sure looks like him! Hahaha!

  4. The Argentinian Black Cobra 2 has the same artwork: