Tuesday, September 6, 2011

More AWESOME stuff on an obsolete format

Argh! I have spent way, way too much money on HK films on VHS and LD from the US in the last 24 hours!!! But I had the green and I suddenly stumbled over three tons of films that I've been looking out for for year and years!!! The tapes listed in the last post are from a different seller (and I'll be getting more from him!) so for now I'll just show you these four HIGHLY COOL laserdiscs that I paid for a couple of hours ago. Hopefully they'll fly under the evil customs' VAT tax radar!!

Anthony Wong in the Cat. III film UNDERGROUND BANKER. I've been looking for that one for YEARS!

The Vietnam war film LEATHERNECKS (filmed in the Philippines) on HK LD!!! Awesome!!!

MANIACAL BEAUTY ON THE LOOSE. This is one of a handful of Cat. III films that I posted an article (written by somebody else) about in my zine STAY SICK! #1 from 2000 and that I've been wanting ever since!!!

LETHAL PANTHER!! On HK LD. If I remember correctly I've already got this one of two different DVDs, a video tape, and on VCD. But what the hell, this may be the best version and I love those oversized covers!


  1. Great catch, I've been trying to get The Underground Banker for ages, I'd love to get the laserdisc especially!

  2. Hey buddy,

    Thanks, and yeah me too. I've looked high and low so when I finally saw it listed with a "buy now" price on eBay I scooped it up right away. :D

  3. G'Day Matey,

    Congratulations old boy on your winnings and purchases. Is it possible for you to someday put up images of your vast Asian movie collection on the net and rate each one. Some of us need to know what's what when buying these sorts of movies. There's a wealth of Asian stores here in Australia selling dvds, vcds and laser discs but some of us aren't in the know as you are. Congrats once again. Waiting for your reply !!

    Toodles from Noodles

  4. G'day Noodles!

    Cheers mate, thanks for your nice comments! These particular releases are *slightly* difficult to find so if you stumble over them just grab them!

    Out of these four titles I've already watched two;

    Leathernecks is a wild Italian/Filipino Vietnam War movie shot in the Philippines and it seems they even spent a bit more money on the production than with most straight Filipino war films.

    Lethal Panther is part of one of my fave HK genres, i.e. the "girls with guns" films, and stars Sibelle Hu. I remember it was being pretty good but it's been a few yrs since my last viewing.

    I used to frequent the Chinese cinemas of Melbourne in the 90s but this was before HK movies became "popular" to most gwilo film fans and whenever I asked for titles (on vhs then) in the Asian shops they'd look bewildered at me cos 1) why would a white guy ask about those movies, and 2) they had no idea who this John Woo or Tsui Hark was (with their names pronounced in English). LOL.

    Images of my Asian movie collection? Hmm, I hadn't thought of that but yeah why not. It won't be right away but I'll get around to it at some stage. :D

    Thanks again for your comments.

  5. No Worries Matey !!

    Thanks for your very informative reply. I need to get some of those films you described, all I've got are the usual Asian movies that everyone's got, you know the ones Bruce Lee and Kurosawa. I feel a bit hesistant in going into the Asian video stores in Chinatown here in Sydney because as you said you feel like you got no business being there. Anyway there's heaps of Asian video stores here and as you might've figured out when you were here last that we've got a big Asian population mainly Chinese, Vietnamese,Korean,Indian and Indonesian.Sorry if I missed out on any of the others.Lol. Thanks again. I'll see if I can get any of the ones you've posted on this thread and on your other blogs but I won't count on it 'cos it'll prolly be regular mainstream stuff,tv shows and Anime.
    Cheers Mate!!

    Toodles from Noodles