Saturday, October 22, 2011

Editor Larsen's quest for the last obscure version of "The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo"

I was just going thru old issues of Henrik Larsen's Obskuriøst zine (the sold out issues are free to DL) and if you're into adventure films you might wanna check out Henrik's article (in English) on "The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo" and the many different versions of the film + TV series. Henrik tortured his friends with this for years!!! (literal speaking) LOL. It begins on p.10.

And for his old Nemo website go here.


  1. Eventually I burned out on the Nemo stuff. Actually sold a couple of the tapes. Speaking of, just spotted this ebay auction:
    Incidently a tape I never owned myself. It's the complete theatrical version of the title (lots of alternative versions and edits about), which to date STILL hasn't been released to dvd in English language. Even then, the price is a bit stiff.

  2. The seller is selling it as a tape from Finland but the title and text is clearly in Norwegian, haha.