Thursday, October 13, 2011

MM is back!

No, the headline isn't a reference to old Spider-man comic books, LOLZ.

However...every wee boy and girl's fave video label, Mondo Macabro, is gonna be back with another release around Christmas time when they release the ol'e slasher DON'T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS. MM have been quite silent for a while (apart from Pete Tombs occasional post on Cinehound) so it's definitely cool to know they're not calling it a day. According to Jared (of Worldweird Cinema fame) Pete Tombs promises that SNAKE SISTERS will get a release in 2012!!

[EDIT: Alright, I was a bit too quick there; according to Jared what Pete said was, "Snake Sisters" MIGHT VERY WELL get a release in 2012! Sorry]


  1. Oh, happy happy joy joy! Very trashy, very entertaining :D

  2. This is a great little scuzzy Brit slasher!

  3. Oh no, don't get me in trouble. He only said that SNAKE SISTERS might very well get released in 2012! No promises!

  4. Bummer, Jared! LOL. Alright-alright, I'll change it. Let's cross our fingers and hope for a release in 2012. :D