Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ONAR means dream in ancient Greek

Some of you out there know Bill Barounis from Onar Films like I do; from years of film collecting and Cinehound forum. On Facebook renowned Scandinavian collector Dag-Johnny says he's known Bill since the early 1990s.

What a great (and hotheaded) guy! An inspiration to anybody who ever tried to do stuff in the film fandom. In the presentation of his video label ONAR his last line says:

However, print quality is not something I worry about. My ONLY concern is to unearth RARE, LOST prints of entertaining, weird, pulp, never-seen-before, unheard-of titles. That was and still is my "ONAR" (dream, in ancient greek).

One should never give up hope but it seems it's only a matter of time now. It's so very sad. This is our friend Miltos' post from today:

I was in the hospital yesterday with my wife trying to encourage Juliette and Bill's mother. They were crying as Bill is in terrible situation. His brain is dead and he's bleeding from the eyes, the nose and mouth...

I saw him for a couple of minutes, for a last goodbye I guess sad.gif

Julette told me: If any of you wait something from Bill (VHS or DVD) she cannot manage it right now, but please be patient, OK?

I don't know what else to say. I know Bill but I've never met him. My thoughts go out to his close friends in Greece for many years; Miltos and Lefteris, Bill's wife and daughter, and his parents.


  1. det hela är ju bara så jävla sorgligt och orättvist.

    Vi måste göra något så att inte familjen blir ståendes med allt sen. Hjälpa dem på något sätt. Vi är skyldiga honom det tycker jag. Att hålla drömmen levande.


  2. Det är sant. Det e inte fair. :(

    Men jag vet inte hur vi skulle kunna hjälpa. Med pengar?
    Vi kunde ta över Onar, men hur gör man det? När Nick dog pratade Fred och jag (och Andrew Leavold) om att vi skulle publicera hans bok, men det blev aldrig till något. Det är svårt.