Thursday, January 19, 2012

Scorpius Gigantus!!!

Does this look like the best film ever made?? You betcha! ^_^


  1. That's such a Great trailer. Is this the one that has a sting in its tail at the end of the movie Jack ? ;) .
    Interestingly back in 2001 there was a movie made called Tail Sting aka Tail Spin, which pretty much seems to be the same movie !. Never enough of these though eh :)

  2. Well, when I said it looks like the best film ever made it was judging by the trailer. I haven't watched it yet (I ordered it yesterday) so I really can't tell you, Paul. I certainly hope it'll be fun!

    Thanks for your comment, mate. :D

  3. Hey Jack :) I really look forward to your thoughts on this one. The Disc is actually quite Expensive to come by. Crazy really as it is a movie I had hoped could be found for a couple of pounds. I watched Troll Hunter recently & really quite enjoyed that :)

  4. If you're ever after Roger Corman films that were released on his Horizon label then I'd advise you always check with his eBay store first. He sells his DVDs a non-inflated prices! I paid 10 dollars for my Scorpius Gigantus DVD + postage. I've bought other DVDs from there that were much more expensive on eBay and Amazon, for instance HARD TO DIE which I got very cheap too.

    I'll post about the film when I get it. Thanks for your comments, Paul! :D

    Scorpius from the official Roger Corman store:

  5. Thanks so much for the link Jack. Of course I am now also looking at Hard To Die ! ;)

  6. You're welcome, Paul. Glad I could help. :D
    HARD TO DIE sure is a fun film. xD