Thursday, February 16, 2012

New German BIONIC BOY dvd is a bootleg

A little while ago I posted about what I called a new official DVD release of BIONIC BOY & DYNAMITE JOHNSON from Germany. Unfortunately, Bobby A. Suarez' son, Roberto S. Suarez II, informed me that the DVD is a bootleg!

Roberto S. Suarez II:
Dear Jack,

Thank you for your continued interest on my late father's movies. I have read in some thread about your fascination for his films. However, I believe that the DVD release of the two Bionic Boy movie is coming from an illegal source. Sad to say but as far as we are concerned the only territory that there is a legal right to sell Dynamite Johnson is MPI/Dark Sky Films who currently owns the North American territory for the said movie. Bionic Boy part 1 is owned by Intercontinental films.


That's too bad. Fred Anderson of Ninja Dixon blog has bought the DVD and he tells me the films look like they've come from a Beta-master and are presented in non anamorphic widescreen.

Too bad the company were too greedy to pay the copyright fee (probably not very much) to issue a legit release.

Thanks to Roberto for the info.


  1. That is so wrong. The CMV-Laservision Label is not a bootlegger, they always have a licence and so they have it here. Just because the son does not know this, it is not officially a bootleg. So you should correct this!

  2. I have no insider insight into who has bought the copyrights and who hasn't. But Richard Suarez owns the company, and I would assume he knows who bought the copyrights for the films that he owns.

  3. Dear Mr. Jack,

    Thank you very much for the continued interest on my Father's works. We already informed CM-LASERVISION to cease and desist distribution of DYNAMITE JOHNSON a.k.a. Trionic Warrior, they replied last January 30th that they will get back to us asap to consult a certain MIG... But until now we did not receive any update from them.

    If they cannot show any CHAIN-OF-TITLE-DOCUMENT for this matter, we will take all legal action to protect our rights. Another thing, as the producer of the movies, nobody informed us that they intend to change the title to Superboy...

    I also informed IFD with regards to Bionic Boy I & they will be the one to take legal steps to protect their rights...

    I hope this clears everything and will update you soonest...

  4. Hello Richard,

    Yes, it certainly does and I hope they're willing to work something out with you.

    And please, yes, do let me know of any updated info.

  5. Mr. Jack,

    Correction on my letter above... continuous interest on my father's works : )

  6. "Another thing, as the producer of the movies, nobody informed us that they intend to change the title to Superboy"

    They're called SUPERBOY in Germany for nearly 35 years (starting with the cinematic release), so what's wrong with that?

  7. Hello,

    any news about the CMV DVD ? Is it a bootleg or a official DVD now ?

  8. Hi there,

    Nothing new, no. The films were originally produced/released/owned by Bobby A. Suarez in the Philippines and after his passing away they're now owned by the Suarez family. So I can only go by what Bobby A. Suarez' son Richard Suarez said in the above. I have no other insider info and I haven't tried to contact the company in Germany.