Saturday, March 10, 2012

Hey hey lets go it's Saturday so here's THE RAMONES

Live from 1995 from the end of their career. Short interview segment at the end.


  1. True the 80s and into the 90s I use to listen to the Ramones allot. I was lucky enough to catch them on a Norwegian festival around the same time as the clip a bow.

    Marky Ramone did stand beside me in the crowd watching another band playing. He tried to hit on the girl beside him but she didn't know who he was neither did the rest of the crowd. What a bunch of bloody losers LOL.

  2. Very cool! (i.e. that you got to see them, not that people didn't even recognise Marky, LOL). I saw them at some stage during the 80s when they played the Roskilde Festival.

  3. That`s even better, you got to see them back in the 80`s :)

  4. In 1985 to be exact: