Friday, May 18, 2012

[pop a top polis]

I watched the new(ish) documentary film about JIM WYNORSKI last night and it was a blast! I'm gonna watch it again. I haven't watched too many of his films but the ones I have watched were all cool. And his debut film, THE LOST EMPIRE, is one of my favourites. I urge you to seek out the documentary if you have any interest in entertaining psychotronic lowbudget flicks. The DVD is avaliable from their website.

The Danish release of THE LOST EMPIRE - unfortunately it's not on official dvd (there's a UK dvd but it's said to have VHS picture quality and I guess it's likely to be a boot).


  1. Den dokumentar ser aldeles fremragende ud. The Lost Empire er en af mine favorit dårlige film. Har stdig Chopping Mall til gode.

  2. I dokumentaren siger Wynorski, at han vidste ikke, om han ville komme til at lave flere film efter Lost Empire, så derfor kunne han lige så godt smide så meget cool stuff ind i den som muligt. xD