Monday, July 16, 2012

The postie was here...

In today's mail:
FLÆNSET (Danish splatter movie), EEN GANG STRØMER (TV series sequel to the movie SKYTTEN aka The Marksman), FEARMAKERS Vol. 2 & 3 (these vhs boxes contain the complete 13 part series. The dvd release is omits 3 episodes and is edited. Vol. 1 hasn't arrived yet), SALVAGE (second hand but mint condition. It was $1.50), THE SAINT (awesome complete box sets of the colour series from the 60s. Vol. 3 contains the two films), THE SEVERED ARM/SO SAD ABOUT GLORIA (the dvd from Code Red that was pulled back right after release!!). And finally, THE TELEVISION FRIGHT FILMS OF THE 1970S book!! ($64 from Bookdepository in London incl. pp).

If you're in Denmark and you're into cool British TV series from the 60s you might wanna pick up the SAINT sets from Fona2000 in Copenhagen. They're only 50 kr. ($8) each, and Vol. 1 & 2 contain the complete Colour series from the 60s. I bought them thru mail order and the postage fee is only 30 kr. I also got EEN GANG STRØMER (40 kr.) and FLÆNSET (50 kr.) in the same order.


  1. FLÆNSET is just, just terrible... the nice looking cover is nothing compared to the trash, that unfolds when you watch the movie!¨

    But, have fun Jack... Jens Okking never looked back!

  2. LOL. The guy who directed FLÆNSET never made another film so it seems the film studios agree with you, haha. But it's a Danish splatter movie and that alone makes me want to see it. Vi må forresten gerne tale dansk i den engelske afdeling. LOL. Jeg fandt fornyligt et interview med ham, men har endnu ikke orket at læse det. Argh. Jeg tror vist ikke, at han har lavet andre film.

    Interview er her:

  3. I'd love to know what the book is like Jack, I've bid on this many times on ebay but it's always got too rich for me.

  4. Trust me, I didn't *just* order it! LOL. I've had this book on my Amazon wish list for the longest time. Years! I've been waiting for it to go down in price but it never really does and so this time I had a bit of dough left over and I thought I might as well.

    One thing I can tell you is it's not BIG on cover and poster scans! There's hardly any photos in the book but then again that leaves more room for reviews and info. I'll try and remember to post about it once I get into it.

  5. Hahahaha!! Ahhhhh Jack... It's soooo nice to read about somebody else getting all excited about a big ol' package of video goodies arriving in the mail.

    My sweetie Carolyn always thinks I'm certifiably nuts when I get excited about another crazy bundle of DVDs all taped up in bubble wrap and covered with customs stickers and weird foreign stamps arriving at my door. She just doesn't "get it".....

    Somehow I just know you do..... ;)

  6. Too right, Nekoneko!! I do get it. xD

    And like you I have been buying "weird" films for such a long time now but the thrill is still the same. ^_^