Friday, July 27, 2012

Previously announced Filipino titles from SHOUT! FACTORY may or may not get released

In the past I've mentioned that SHOUT! FACTORY had announced they were going to release three Filipino/USA co-productions on DVD. The films are SAVAGE, THE HOT BOX and WOMAN HUNT. However, lately it has been speculated that these films may have been cancelled as it's reportedly been announced that SHOUT!'s Roger Corman line will soon be coming to an end.

I've been looking forward to DVD releases of these three films (I already own them all on VHS) and didn't wish to neither take mere rumours as facts - nor be content with being in the dark. So I got in touch with Cliff Mac of SHOUT! and asked him about it.

I guess his reply could have been more optimistic - but then again it could also have been more pessimistic!! He simply doesn't know if they are going to release these three films! In the email that I received he says all three films need new transfers and that those are expensive. He also mentioned that the titles probably won't sell an awful lot - so (reading between the lines) the question is will SHOUT! want to pour money into some old Filipino films (that don't have a selling point like a Pam Grier in them)!?

If SHOUT! decide to put them out - and Cliff stressed if - we won't see them this year.

So, that's the info I have on SAVAGE, THE HOT BOX and WOMAN HUNT as it is right now. I'm certainly crossing my fingers that we'll see DVD releases of the films at some stage.


  1. I watch a lot of cinema while I'm in my studio doing artwork. I was flipping through my sketchbook today and berating myself for not drawing enough, but marveling at all the awesome sounding movies I had written down to find... Thanks to Machete Maidens Unleashed, I have a list of Filippino movies in my sketchbook and I was just lamenting not being able to see them. for what it's worth; Cliff, SHOUT! please give us these films! I personally promise to buy two copies each and promote the fuck out of 'em.

  2. Hey Goodkind,

    I watched SAVAGE on VHS tonight and it's a blast! I really hope they'll put it out!!

    Oh, and altho I've checked your link before I've never had a look at your blog with your work on it. Gee, wauw, there's some really great stuff there! I love the "Rat City Rollergirl" one. ^_^