Monday, July 23, 2012

THE TROLL HUNTER (André Øvredal, Norway, 2010)

I watched the Norwegian TROLDJÆGEREN (or "Trolljegeren" - why do they have to misspell everything in Norway!) and I thought it was really good. The first 15 minutes or so reminded me of a bad ripoff of THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT but as soon as they're in those woods we're off to a wild ride. Highly recommended. The Scandinavian DVD has quite of bit of cool behind the scenes footage but oddly enough there's no trailer. The UK DVD seems to have the same extras and a trailer. I got the DVD from the Fona2000 webshop where it's 50 kr.

NB: the drunk monkeys at IMDb just don't seem to get much right; No, the English title for the movie isn't "Trollhunter" but The Troll Hunter.


  1. A mate of mine (or rather a guy I know) did some last minute re-editing of the flick to bring it down timewise. The only stern rule was that he could shorten and trim anything he wanted, but he couldn't touch any of the nature/landscape shots at all!

    They do love their landscapes/nature the Norwegians.

  2. Haha. I must admit my mind kept wandering off and I thought "hey I should go there." We don't have ANY mountains or nature like that here!