Tuesday, July 24, 2012

When the milk goes off in the morning evil is lurking near by

Hmm, but then again I'm not Amish and maybe my milk is off cos my good friend The Fridge died today. So sad. He was here ever since I moved in. And I probably won't get a replacement until next week. Argh! I can already hear the maggots eating their way thru my now rotting food in the 25 degrees (Celsius) hot fridge. How long does it take for meat to go off?? Or cheese?? Or my frikadeller from Fakta?? The Milk is probably already chunky (and I'm still not Amish, maybe I should see if a flame can't burn in this house or if a horse would perspire - but where would I get a horse!? Or even get it to the third floor?). I guess I'll have to eat dry food from now on. Fun week ahead. But then again that would give me an excuse to order a take-away pizza every day.

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