Thursday, August 30, 2012

Eddie Romero on pre-cert

Original English title: MAD DOCTOR OF BLOOD ISLAND

I'll be getting a bunch of EDDIE ROMERO directed Filipino films on old pre-cert VHS from the UK. Awesome covers!!

Original English title: BEAST OF BLOOD

Different aka-title and different UK release but this is also BEAST OF BLOOD!

Original English title: BEAST OF THE YELLOW NIGHT


  1. These are great, are you gonna post full scans? Just asking, I'm a big box art nerd...

  2. LOL. Well, if you wanna see them I certainly can. Once I receive them that is. They're still in the UK.

  3. Oh, if you weren't planning on it otherwise, don't waste yer time for me. I know by experience it gets tiresome quickly.

    I am going to watch that Deadly and Beautiful Media tape soon by the way. I pulled it out of storage...