Thursday, August 23, 2012

MOM (USA, 1991)

Here's the trailer for an unfortunately rarely seen horror/splatter movie from 1991 called MOM. It's directed by Patrick Rand who (according to IMDb) has only directed this one movie. Fortunately - since it IS his only film - the movie is good fun!

The plot: Brion James (the nasty replicant from BLADE RUNNER who utters the immortal line, "Time to die!") is a vampire/demon who is in need of a place to stay. So obviously he rents a room in the private home of an elderly lady. At some stage he gets hungry and, well, you figure out the rest.

There isn't one boring moment in MOM but I reckon the title is rather unfortunate as I'm sure it causes a lot of people (myself included originally) to mistakenly think it's probably a lame horror comedy. Well, it's not! It's a horror flick in the tradition of the late 80s splatter genre. Something else equally unfortunate is the fact that there's no DVD release. You'll have to find a VHS! If I remember correctly, I found my own copy in a Video Netto store in Copenhagen quite a few years ago. The tape is from Holland and is presented in fullscreen.


I couldn't find a trailer on Youtube so I found one on some other site and reposted it on Youtube. Thanks to the original uploader.


  1. This looks fun. Saw it on the shelf many times, but for some reason I never actually rented it.

  2. It was probably the lame title. LOL.

    1. The US VHS cover looked pretty lame too, no demon face or anything. Just a granny wearing sunglasses and sitting in a rocking chair.