Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best ever cover on a night before FRIDAY THE 14TH!!

MOTÖRHEAD doing "Breaking the Law" (originally by JUDAS PRIEST)

"When Lemmy does a cover of your song - it's not your song anymore" - as someone said on YouTube. Yeah!! (and about 6000 times better than that dreadful cover by Doro Pesch).


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  2. Haha, kudos to you, I almost fell for it.

  3. Amazing cover... Lemmy is the leader of a new breed of superhuman musicans... i am thinking like X-Men??

    Imagine if Lemmy and Doro Pesch had intercourse (uhhh clever, but naughty boy)... i would love to see their monsterbaby!

  4. Superhuman musician? You can say that again!! He's been living on booze for 80 years and is still more hard than anybody in rock bizz out there. ^_^