Friday, October 19, 2012

GATOR BAIT finally on DVD soon!

Very good news indeed! The two GATOR BAIT films are finally gonna get released on DVD!!! They're cool "woman takes revenge" films set in swamp land. I tracked them both down years ago on NTSC VHS and was surprised they weren't on DVD (I've later got hold of #1 on a Danish ex-rental as well). Thanks to Bruce Holecheck for the info!! The films were directed and produced by the couple Beverly and Ferd Sebastian, and they're also behind the upcoming DVD releases on Panama Films. Hopefully that means they'll be using proper prints. The DVD's are listed on Amazon here and here.


  1. Great news... I enjoyed the first GATOR BAIT on danish videotape some years ago...

    Oh, and Jack? wasnt the title: BLODHÆVN I SUMPEN or something like that??

  2. Yes, it was! :D

    PS: you're allowed to write in Danish in the kommentarfelt if you wish.

  3. Cool...

    Well... it is the english side of my split personality who is on the game here...

    Men tak for det dog..:D


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