Tuesday, October 16, 2012

"You may want to look away"

Check out these two trailers, they're both awesome! I haven't seen either of the films but I've got NIGHTMARE on Code Red's DVD, and I'll certainly check if CANNIBAL GIRLS is out on a proper (or even not so proper) DVD.

EDIT: CANNIBAL GIRLS is out on DVD from both Shout! Factory in the US and Nucleus Films in the UK. They both seem to carry the same extras except the UK disc has additional subtitles.


  1. I haven't seen "Nightmare", but I do have Shout! Factory's "Cannibal Girls".

    Sorry to report that I can't say it was really all that amazing a movie really. Very 70's in it's vibe, with a lot more hype than sizzle. It struck me as taking a long time to get to the cannibal stuff, most of which is fairly tame. The expected risque bits were somewhat subdued too. Nowhere near as edgy and out there as Italian cannibal films of the same era.

    You want scary cannibals? Have a go for the recent Indonesian film "Macabre".... there's a region 2 release out of the UK and now that film goes to all those nasty places it probably shouldn't. ;)

  2. I've got CANNIBAL GIRLS on my Amazon wish list and, hmm, I may leave it there for a while then. I don't mind 70's style films but sometimes they CAN get too slow. Argh. Thanks for the tip, Miss Nekoneko. I'll check it out! ^_^

  3. I love Cannibal Girls and was keeping up to date concerning the progress of the release with the Canadian rights holders for a long time before it was eventually released over there and in the USA.
    There's a Canadian bd (no dvd) and the Nucleus discs reframes a few scenes I seem to remember (for better composition).



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