Thursday, November 22, 2012

Paul Naschy's last werewolf movie: Unwatched, unwanted, unreleased

Here's the trailer for the Brazilian horror movie WEREWOLF IN THE AMAZON (Um Lobisomem na Amazônia) starring PAUL NASCHY as the wolfman - for the very last time. The film is from 2005 and apart from a very few screenings at film festivals it remains unwatched and unreleased. The film was shot in Portuguese but Naschy speaks Spanish. There's a trailer on YouTube and altho I'm sure we'll see a release somewhere down the road nobody knows how long we'll have to wait.


  1. Jack...

    Just wanted to tell you, that there is a quite informative feaurette on Naschy on THE MAN WITH THE SEVERED HEAD from UK distributors Arrow Video...

    Could be fun for you if you havent seen it...?

  2. Really? I haven't seen that. Thanks for the info, mate. I'll get it at some stage (when I get some dough). :D


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