Friday, February 1, 2013

Did he say making fuck?

I rewatched CLERKS on VHS recently. I don't think I've seen the film since its original premiere in Australia in the 90s. I remember watching it at a cinema in Melbourne just after midday one afternoon and liking the film a lot. In the above scene there's a few lines from a "Russian" "heavy metal" track but I never thought it was made into a real song - but it has! Haha Check the full track in the video underneath.


  1. Ha ha, I am a big fan of Kevin Smith and have enjoyed all of his movies (well, maybe not COP OUT) - but I still think that Clerks is his absolute masterpiece...its still very, very funny after all these years...

    Lately I think he has become more of a stand-up comedian shooting the shit like all the rest of those kinda sad people...

    But I still love Clerks...

    The Mallrat

  2. I think the only other Kevin Smith films that I've seen is CHASING AMY. I've got CLERKS lying around here somewhere. LOL.


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