Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fond memories of double bills

The very first time I saw HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIAL KILLER, and at the same time also the very first time I saw THE STEPFATHER, was on a double bill in around 1990 at the old (long gone) Scala Cinema Club in London. It was in the afternoon and the cinema was almost empty. The first film was HENRY which just blew me away. How do you follow HENRY? You can't. And although I love THE STEPFATHER it was a let down on that particular afternoon. I should add that I came to love it when I rented it on VHS later on after I went to live in this Danish shithole that I'm still trapped in (please somebody, help me escape!! haha). After THE STEPFATHER finished I just stayed in my seat and watched HENRY again. It stayed with me and I dreamt about it several nights afterwards. That hasn't happened at any other stage in my adult life. I own several copies of both films on VHS and DVD now.




  1. This is some way cool memories...

    I can honestly say that I didnt see HENRY until mit late teens - I was born in 1980, so the idea of letting a 10-year old in the cinema to watch horrormovies is not cool... On a sidenote - I did see PREDATOR 2 in the cinema when i was 12-13 years old, hehe...

    HENRY is just a stunning film and way better then SILENCE OF THE LAMBS...when I rented the film on VHS i the late 90's, I didnt quite knew what to exspect, but the legacy of the film still stands today - truly a masterpiece of serialkiller-cinema...!

    STEPFATHER is a great movie too, but compared to HENRY - it totally fades... but it is still better then the remake...!

    Thanks for sharing, Jack...

    The Mallrat

  2. Thanks, Mallrat. I lige måde. Thanks for sharing.


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