Thursday, March 7, 2013

Random collection shots


  1. Very nice! Good looking collections you got there.

  2. The naughty little imp sat on my shoulder is whispering in my ear to sneak into Jackville, switch a few titles around, then leaving a request here for you to pull one of those titles out from its designated place ... oh the anguish, LOL. Fantastic stuff, Jack
    Gore Whore, Gore Whore !? ;)

  3. LOL. Thanks, mate. I wish I were better at organising them though. I should come up with some kind of system. So often I need a film and I just can't locate it. Argh (yes, I know. First World problems).

    Gore Whore is an indie splatter movie from the 90s directed by Hugh Gallagher who later went on to publish Draculina magazine. He made a trilogy of "gore" films, Gore Whore, Gorotica, and Gorgasm. If you check scan #4 from top you'll see all three to the far left. They're not on dvd yet (but someone mentioned to me recently they might be on their way soon).


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