Friday, March 1, 2013

VINEGAR SYNDROME to issue director's cut of mysterious CIRIO H. SANTIAGO film!

The info I have on this is more insufficient than insufficient but... it's just been posted on AVManiacs film forum that the new video label VINEGAR SYNDROME will be releasing *a* CIRIO H. SANTIAGO film and the version they have is a long director's cut version.

No hint at which film it is. Could this be the unrated version of NAKED VENGEANCE???

This is the exact text from AVManiacs:
VINEGAR SYNDROME's Drive-In Collection!

Was wondering when Jack J would make the scene ;-)

Feast your eyes on this...

"We have a few [Cirio films], including an ultra, ultra long version of one of his less seen epics [. . .] we'll be issuing it in its original director's cut and under its original title!"


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    1. Wauw! Spam from a Chinese language female detective agency!!! And one that takes care of cheating husbands! Usually, when I get Chinese language spam it's from porn sites. This is too cool! I'm even gonna let your link stay here, buddy. xD


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