Sunday, November 24, 2013

Spastik Children!!!

There are things that'll bug me even after I rottenly return from my grave to eat your brains.

Like for instance, why did no one release a record by SPASTIK CHILDREN? What kind of insane world do we live in where a SPASTIK CHILDREN record doesn't exist!!! James Hetfield on drums and Cliff Burton on bas, at one point Kirk Hammett was also in the band, and also other well known people from the SF metal scene back then like Paul Baloff and Fred Cotton. They had songs like "Burp" and "Cunt".

PS: the official spelling IS with a k, not a c.


  1. Hi, mate! I've just registered on cinehoundforum but I'm not allowed to post yet. As I have seen you are a moderator there, could you please have a look at my account and solve this problem? My nick there is gialloman Thanks in advance.

  2. Hey buddy,
    I pm'ed Miltos, the admit and asked him to let you in. Hopefully something's gonna happen.


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