Saturday, March 29, 2014

CODE RED to launch CORMAN post-apocalypse line

Bill Olsen has just announced Code Red is going to release two of Roger Corman's post-apocalypse films. Great news indeed!!!

The first title has already been revealed and it's Cirio H. Santiago's WHEELS OF FIRE (USA/Philippines, 1984) No info on the second film yet. Could we perhaps hope for a fully uncut version of EQUALIZER 2000 (also directed by Santiago).

There is no release date yet, nor any info on whether the films will be DVD only. Blu-ray was mentioned on Code Red's facebook page but nothing in cement.

Bill Olsen shaking hands with Roger Corman (December 7, 2013)


  1. Great news Jack... I have first realized it now, but I am looking forward to these..

    Btw, have you seen the documentary, "Corman's World"? - it's quite good...

  2. Thanks, Mallrat! I actually have the cover and title for the second film, and I'll post that as well today.

    Yes, I've seen CORMAN'S WORLD and yes it's a great doc!! I actually taped it off ARTE tv before it came out on dvd, and now I also got the UK dvd.