Sunday, December 13, 2015

AMERICAN MARY (Can, 2012) Dir: ze Soska twinz

"Ich fühle mich wie doktor Mengele heute"*

 I watched the Soska sisters' second film the other day, AMERICAN MARY. Their first is DEAD HOOKER IN A TRUNK but I haven't seen that one. But THIS one I've seen and I loved it! A young female student is on her way to become a surgeon but she's raped by one of her professors and she decides to leave her course and take revenge. What kind of revenge? I hear you ask. Well, not telling you, you'll have to get the film. Basically this is a revenge flick.And what a revenge flick!

The way the Soska twins directed the film, and Katharine Isabelle in the lead role (she was also in the GINGER SNAPS movies) makes for exciting viewing. I wasn't bored for one second of the film. At all.

I watched the UK DVD. There's no subs but at least it carries the German dub next to the original English audio (!!!). There are two short docs but no trailer. I got the DVD for peanuts from Amazon.

Highly recommended.

*Line in the movie from a German assistant the main character hires. It translates: "Today, I feel like doctor Mengele". The main character replies: "Ay?" and the assistant says: "Zhey are twinz". Yeah, Third Reich humour there.


  1. Joe loved this movie as well! Also, if someone tried to pay me with peanuts, I'd request cashews or pistachios...just sayin'. :P

    1. Sometimes all there is is peanuts. o_O

      Good on Joe! I certainly loved it heaps. xD

    2. LOL. i just prefer cashews. I don't discriminate. :P